Octane Booster

Octane Booster
Product Description

This agent has good solubility with gasoline, non-toxic and not contain metal and it can improve gasoline octane number 3 to 5 units. Reduce the total sulfur in gasoline, also has the function to improve automobile engine compression ratio and cleaning etc. and extend the engine life. It can reduce the harmful substances such as CO, NO in the exhausted gas greatly and has great benefit to reduce the pollution of the environment and improve people's quality of life.

When you're keen on upgrading your motor execution through our Octane Booster, you've most likely known. It is intended to improve your motor run, longer — despite the fact that, it can accomplish this through various means. This booster adds to strength under pressure, with a greater octane rating showing more prominent protection from variations from the norm such as motor thump and explosion. Our Octane Booster secures against low octane level issues by expanding the octane rating, and it enhances execution by guaranteeing that fuel in a chamber touches off precisely when it should, even in high-pressure motors.

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