Product Description

BLN95 (Octane Booster)

BLN95 (Octane Booster) is made on N-methylaniline, which because of its chemical structure and characteristic suitable to be used as a Non-metallic Antiknock Additive. Its octane number is more than 300. This light yellow, viscous and water insoluble liquid is compatible with other additives. In similar temperature and condition of gasoline fuel, this organic and ash-less additive burns. When compared to other oxygenates compounds, it is more effective. Catalytic combustion promoter is its principle of effect, which enables efficient combustion of hydrocarbons optimizing the consumption rates and minimizing exhaust emissions for instance NOX, CO, and unburned hydrocarbons (HC). As fuel consumption is optimized, it results in the production of less CO2. It can be applied to gasoline of all kinds directly. BLN95 (Octane Booster) has a density of about 0.98 g/cm3 at 20 degrees Celsius.

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